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I am so excited about what you are finding on the [family name]. Thanks much and bless you.

Ann Weissert, Ancestor/Descendant chart

I am overwhelmed! I have tears in my eyes, it’s beautiful. I DON’T KNOW IF THANK YOU IS ADEQUATE. It’s really a treasure. I ALREADY KNOW WHERE I will put it on the wall in the family room when it’s complete. Thank you, thank you.


Just want to tell you how thrilled I am with the family heritage chart. It has been framed and is now a very important picture in the dining area of my family room! Many, many thanks again for this work of art!


I was really impressed with your report – a definite step above my previous experiences hiring genealogists. Thanks so much for your hard work!


Thank you so much for the report. I am very impressed with what you have collected. I had no idea those kind of materials were out there.