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Screen-Shot-2014-02-12-at-7.24.31-PM-197x300If you are a genealogy geek like me, then you’ll want to tune into NPR’s On Point radio show tomorrow (Thursday, 2/13). The show is titled “Crowdsourcing and the New Genealogy Boom.” It was spurred by A.J. Jacobs’ recent article in the New York Times, “Are You My Cousin?” Mr. Jacobs will be a guest on the show, along with The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell and National Geographic’s geneticist Spencer Wells.

My new role as the Vice-President of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) has already led to some interesting experiences, today being perhaps the most interesting yet. I responded to a request from the producer of On Point and and had a fun telephone chat with him. He was interested in hearing about the new wave of genealogists, and what is attracting younger genealogists to the field. Technology offers genealogists new ways to connect, and we research differently than we did a decade ago. We talked about how genetic genealogy initiated a whole new level of connectedness. How has that changed how we see ourselves and others? Are we all related? How might that perception change the way people, and even nations, behave towards each other? Where is the field of genealogy headed?

I told the producer that I know of no one better suited to participate in this sort of discussion that Judy Russell, JD CG(sm). I have no doubt she will do us proud. Tune in to hear her tomorrow. You can listen to it live streamed from WBUR in Boston at 11:00AM EST at In Vermont, On Point is broadcast at 10AM, so I imagine this will be Friday’s show. You can also listen to the recorded version as a podcast.