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Quilt made by Cathi's students and families

My students and families made this quilt as a good-bye gift.

I bet you thought I gave up this blog, huh? Nope. I just needed a little time to mull things over. The truth is that over the past month I have made the transition away from teaching and into making my research business my full-time employment. This transition packed a bigger emotional wallop than I expected. It’s taken me a month to get my boat righted, so to speak.

I loved teaching. I loved being a teacher. It wasn’t just what I did; it’s who I was. I loved spending my days with young children. I loved finding a way that each child, regardless of their needs or disability, could fit in, belong, and shine. I loved being with parents of young children, and helping them celebrate their children’s accomplishments, no matter how small. I loved my colleagues and my supervisors. It’s a pleasure to work with people who love their jobs. And it was much harder to say good-bye than I had expected.

So why did I do it? If any of you have been following Thomas McEntee’s series of posts about the opportunities in the field of genealogy will know that it wasn’t for the money. My business earns an income, but I not going to replace my salary, even a teacher’s salary. My decision had a lot more to do with finally realizing that the old adage, “Life is short,” wasn’t just an adage. If I was going to have another career, the time was now. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity of another career doing what I love. On top of that, the flexibility that being self-employed gives me to be with my family, especially my mom in her last years and my grandchildren in their first years, is precious.

So now I have had a little time to sit with my decision, to turn over the loss of the best parts of teaching in my mind, and to practice researching full-time for a few weeks. I still need to get my work space better organized and settle into a schedule and a rhythm that works for me. And clean my house. (Only kidding about that last one.) I have some exciting things on the horizon that I hope to blog about. I am going to GRIP on July 22 to take Dr. Tom Jones’ Advanced Methodology class. I am also gearing up for a research trip to Ireland with Donna Moughty.

”Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.” (Jonathan Lockwood Huie) How very, very true.