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Stop the presses! The 2013 course lineup for the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, better known as GRIP, was just distributed! And what a lineup it is. The following courses will be offered from July 22-26, 2013, at La Roche College in Pittsburgh:

  1. Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper, with Paula Stuart-Warren
  2. Skills for Proof, with Thomas W. Jones
  3. Bridging the 1780-1840 Gap: From New England to the Midwest, with Josh Taylor
  4. Military Records: From Cradle to Grave, with Craig R. Scott
  5. Your Immigrant Ancestors’ Stories: Writing a Quality Narrative, with John P. Colletta
  6. Advanced Research Tools: Land Records, with Rick Sayre and Pam Sayre.

It looks like GRIP is mixing it up and not keeping the same courses from year to year. What a boon to those of us in the Northeast to have the opportunity to take so many high level courses. Thank you Elissa Scalise Powell and Debbie Lichtner Deal for bringing this to us!

They all sound good to me. Which course would you most like to take?