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Forensic Genealogy

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A new book, co-authored by Michael S. Ramage, JD CG, and Catherine B. W. Desmarais, CG, is now available for pre-order.

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Reconstructing Kinship with Confidence

Our professional genealogists excel in connecting generations - past and present

Led by Board-certified genealogist Catherine B. W. Desmarais, the professional genealogy team at Stone House Historical Research, LLC, delivers trusted research results. We specialize in reconstructing hard-to-prove relationships. Results are prepared in fully-documented genealogical research reports or legal affidavits of kinship and due diligence.

Stone House Historical Research
Stone House Historical Research

Forensic & Heir Research

Do you need a genealogist to help resolve a probate or real estate case?

Military Repatriation Research

Are you a relative of a WWII service member contacted by one of our genealogists?

Details — facts — are the stones from which solid genealogical houses are constructed. But a heap of stones is not a house. The strength of each stone needs to be examined, and weak ones culled. Those that withstand critical examination must be fitted together tightly, matching the protrusions in one to the indentations in the other.
Elizabeth Shown Mills and Gary B. Mills, “Editor’s Corner: Facts: Do They Really Speak for Themselves?” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 86:4 (December 1998), third unnumbered page. Used with permission.